OmniBus Integrates TX>Play With Myers' ProTrack

September 2, 2004
Denver--OmniBus Systems has integrated its TX>Play automation system with Myers Information Systems' ProTrack, the scheduling and traffic system used by more than 80% of PBS stations in the U.S.
ProTrack is currently installed in more than 150 television stations (including public, educational, government, and religious), helping those stations manage their broadcast operations from program information to master control. It was designed to increase accuracy in daily operations while increasing coordination between departments. The integration with TX>Play automation provides a direct connection between the scheduling software and the playout automation software.
"Whenever you move information from one system to another, there is a potential for errors to creep in," said Andy Myers, president of Myers. "Integrating ProTrack scheduling with TX>Play automation means that the two systems function as one, information is entered only once, errors are reduced, and there is smoother operation overall."
"ProTrack is an established and proven system that has been providing a very necessary service within public television stations for many years," said Dave Polyard, vice president of sales and marketing for OmniBus Systems. "Tight integration with TX>Play automation will give ProTrack users one end-to-end, cost-effective system for managing their operations from scheduling through to transmission."
Myers Information Systems
OmniBus Systems

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