Nielsen Rates Puerto Rico's TV Stations

April 5, 2010
NEW YORK: The Nielsen Co. today said it launched television audience measurement in Puerto Rico as of April 1. Ratings in the U.S. island territory are being collected from 500 households. Nielsen said more than 90 percent of the households recruited agreed to contribute--“believed to be the highest of all the world’s TV ratings panels,” the company said.

Puerto Rico’s three largest television providers have signed up for the metrics: WKAQ-TV, the owned and operated Telemundo station; WLII-TV, the Univision affiliate; and WAPA-TV, an independent. Arteaga & Arteaga, Canal 13, Draft/FCB, EJE Sociedad Publicitaria, Starcom, and Kairos also subscribed.

Nielsen said it's now providing overnight TV ratings and will release the monthly top 10 time slots by the end of April.

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