And the Award Goes to...Reality TV

October 21, 2005
The Directors Guild of America has announced the DGA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programs. The first award of its kind will be presented to the winner at the annual DGA Awards Dinner Jan. 28, 2006.

DGA defines a reality program as a nonfiction series or special. Shows featuring dramatic or variety performance are excluded, but are included in other award categories. The Director Member Nominating Committee views the eligible reality programs and votes by secret ballot.

Two years ago the DGA began organizing reality programs so members could obtain the economic protections such as minimum salaries, residuals, and pension and health benefits that Guild agreements provide.

"All DGA members benefit from the Reality Agreement because they have access to jobs being created in the reality genre and, as a result, can be assured of economic protections, such as health and pension benefits, that DGA contracts offer," said DGA director J. Rupert Thompson who also works on NBC's "Fear Factor."

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