Bexel and Bluefoot Provide an EVS Digital Asset Management Workflow to ESPN for its NASCAR Coverage

March 19, 2007
This season, ESPN introduced new features to its live NASCAR coverage, including all-HD in-car cameras and enhanced onscreen race information. Behind the scenes, they added EVS Broadcast Equipment’s IP Director production tools and server-based digital asset workflow systems.

These products allow each race’s complete program, three additional ISO’S chosen onsite, all highlight and melt clips, and the field logs that created metatags to be published from ESPN’s onsite production hubs to EVS servers and databases--located at Bluefoot Entertainment, ESPN’s third-party post-production facility.

At Bluefoot, feature producers can repurpose these digital archives. The IP Directors facilitate the transfer of over 20 hours of HD material onto 3-4 hard disks, and create program logs that can be easily browsed by editors. This new workflow replaces the slower videotape melt process, and reduces the need for tape stock and additional personnel.

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