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Eyeheight Announces CC-3G Auto-Legalizing Color Corrector

For digital cinema, post and ‘high-end’ TV August 17, 2012
LONDON: Eyeheight’s latest auto-legalizing color correctors, the CC-3G, is designed for use in digital cinema production, post and presentation as well as high-end television. Compatible with latest-generation 3 Gbps infrastructure, it accepts all commonly used standards from interlaced 525/625-line standard definition up to progressive 1080-line 50-frame and 1080-line 60-frame high definition.

Eyeheight says the CC-3G allows fast adjustment of color balance to ensure visual consistency between adjacent sequences and throughout a program. An integral legalizer automatically conforms outgoing signals fully to user-defined standard output parameters or to the default EBU Technical Recommendation R103-2000. Eyeheight describes this as a “vital concern given the potential of equipment operating in YUV color space to exceed the levels specified by broadcasters and transmission service-providers for content delivery through RGB-based and composite networks.”

Control of the CC-3G is via a dedicated panel. Adjustment of red, green and blue component levels, lift and master gamma as well as overall luma, chroma gain, black-level adjustment and overall hue can be performed in real time. The CC-3G also uses Eyeheight’s luma overshoot and undershoot suppression.Configurable parameters such as legalization levels are accessible via a menu system based on LED push buttons with electronically generated legends. Settings assigned by one or more operators can be stored in six internal non-volatile memories. The CC-3G incorporates a color-corrected output plus a preview output.

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