Zaxcom to Unveil New Audio Transmitters

August 2, 2007
Zaxcom will unveil its new IFB100 2.4-GHz transmitter at IBC2007, which is designed for use with the company's popular TRX900 series of wireless microphone systems.

The IFB100 transmits a single RF carrier containing timecode, IFB audio, and remote control signals to any number of TRX900 wireless systems, giving users the patent-pending ability to record a group of channels and play them back as a virtual multitrack recording. The unit directly accepts SMPTE timecode and balanced audio at line level. The IFB100's 125-mW RF power output provides a range of up to 300 feet for transmission of IFB audio and up to 1,000 feet for time code transmission and remote control signals.

Also new from Zaxcom is the TRX700 plug-on recording transmitter/recorder, that works with shotgun-type microphones on studio boom poles or for ENG applications. The TRX700 provides a patent-pending feature set, including a removable miniSD card that will record up to 12 hours of time code-referenced audio.

IBC will also mark the debut for Zaxcom's TRX800 and ZFR800 handheld wireless recording systems. Designed for broadcast, studio, theater, and ENG applications, these systems provide internal recording capabilities for applications where sound quality and mobility are equally important.

Zaxcom will be at the Ambient Technologies exhibit in Stand 8.481.

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