Sony Unveils Next-Gen Pro HDV Products, New High-End Cinematography Camera

December 20, 2007
Sony has announced the launch of its latest HDV products, which include two new camcorders that feature interchangeable lens systems, native progressive recording, increased sensitivity for low-light conditions, hybrid solid-state recording and other features designed for video production professionals and pro-sumers.

The new models are the HVR-Z7P/HVR-Z7N (handheld) and HVR-S270P/HVR-S270N (shoulder-mount) camcorders. Sony is also introducing the HVR-M35P/HVR-M35N playback and recording deck. These new products expand Sony's line-up of HD production technologies, which includes the recently introduced PMW-EX1 XDCAM EXTM solid-state memory camera and the soon-to-be-available HVR-HD1000P/HVR-HD1000N shoulder-mount HDV camcorder.

"These new tools enhance the versatility of our professional HDV line up, and open up a world of possibilities for HD digital video production", said Shunichi Fujioka, division manager of the Content Creation Products Marketing Division at Broadcast and Professional Pacific Asia Co., a division of Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd. "Sony's new HDV camcorders and decks are ideal for documentaries, electronic newsgathering, independent production, music videos, web streaming, and a wide range of industrial applications".

Sony also recently announced that it had reached an agreement with Omnibus Japan Inc. to supply Sony's high-end F23 line of CineAlta digital cinema cameras, as well as the F35, which was only recently launched in Japan. More on the F35 next month.

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