QTube Drives 'Exciting Times' For Quantel

April 12, 2011
Quantel-sponsored Formula 1 Race Car

The Quantel-sponsored Formula 1 race car parked outside the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center carries a message: According to Steve Owen, Quantel director of marketing, it's a preview of the company's state-of-the-art, high-performance products found inside the hall.

Speaking at a Sunday press event, Quantel's Roger Thornton called the 2011 NAB Show "exciting times" for the veteran firm, one marked by a significant emphasis on software advances and commercial off-theshelf hardware components.

Quantel's biggest NAB Show splash comes from QTube, a platform facilitating self-scaling video workflows over IP. "You can edit and interact with content wherever you are," said Owen, calling QTube a "global workflow." Users of Quantel's Enterprise sQ system can access video assets using Quantel applications, Web browsers or even mobile devices, even with relatively small amounts of bandwidth.

A host of new versions, features and upgrades were also announced, including Pablo PA, a software-only version of its Pablo editor; a new set of Stereo 3D tools across Quantel's post and broadcast products; and Qube, a new short-turnaround editor for Enterprise sQ, which harnesses NVidia GPU's to run up to four times faster than prior tools.

—Walter Schoenknecht, TV Technology

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