Mayah Focuses on Mobile Video, IPTV at IBC

August 14, 2006
At IBC2006, Mayah Communications, a developer of audio/video products based in Germany, will emphasize its encoding solutions for mobile TV for DVB-H/DMB and SD IPTV, as well as technologies for transmitting mono, stereo and multichannel audio over a variety of networks and protocols.

Mayah will showcase its IO [io] 8000/8001 audio/video en/decoder, and Centauri II 300x and 400x audio gateway codecs, that support MPEG-4 SP, ASP, H.264/AVC and MPEG-4 HE AAC v2 standards. The company will also demonstrate its audio en/decoding solutions that combine plug-and-play simplicity with power-user performance and features, including mono, stereo and multichannel audio for point-to-point/point-to-multipoint or uni/multicast transmissions over IP, ISDN and X.21/V.35 broadcast interfaces, as well as support for a wide range of network protocols and coding algorithms including G.722 and the entire MPEG range.

New features and options for Mayah's audio gateway codecs include:

• AES transparent option, which allows the IP-based transmission of up to 4x AES/EBU signal streams with 3.072 Mbps each;
• Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), a common VoIP protocol, that, when integrated with other protocols, allows the user to establish, control, terminate and modify point-to-point and multipoint connections.
• Support for MPEG transport streams with Forward Error Correction (FEC);
• ASI interface, available on the Centauri II as well as IO [io] 8000/8001, for transmitting MPEG over coaxial cable within the 270 Mbps data rate;
• Dual Ethernet, which allows the Centauri II to distribute audio-over-IP and remote control data streams over two separate logical networks;
• Redundant power supply, and
• 8x Opto In/Relay Out interface, as an alternative to the 4x TTL IO.

Mayah will be in Stand 1.231

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