Leader Updates Video Analyzer

July 22, 2005
Leader Electronics has added new features to its line of broadcast signal analyzers.

The LV5700A now allows easier assessment of color signal levels, according to the company. The addition of delta and bar graph display modes enables operators to spot chroma gamut errors and identify the source colors.

The broadcast signal analyzers can handle HD-SDI and SD-SDI signal formats and perform transmit error detection, data dump display and voice control packet analysis. Video sampling rates can be switched between 74.25 and 74.25/1.001 MHz in HD mode or to 13.5 MHz SD. In addition, the analyzer incorporates analog NTSC/PAL composite and 525/625 component I/O. Two composite inputs and one switched output are provided. When in component mode, the LV5700A can display Y/Pb/Pr levels as RGB.

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