Hitachi Z-HD5000s Stay Busy at Santa Cruz CTV

April 1, 2011

SANTA CRUZ, CALIF.—Community Television (CTV) of Santa Cruz County is a non-profit public access channel with a mission to foster a strong sense of community through its public interest programming. As part of this program, we recently equipped a mobile production truck that allows us to go out into the community to provide broadcast-quality coverage of high school sports and other youth athletics, as well as cultural events.

CTV’s Ron Holman operates one of the access channel’s new Hitachi Z-HD 5000 in coverage of a high school soccer match.

Like many non-profits, it's a challenge in stretching our limited dollars to buy the kind of HDTV equipment we'd like to use to produce our shows. We selected four Hitachi Z-HD5000s for our new truck as this camera system met our production standards and came with a price that we could afford. The outstanding picture quality supports our goal of producing visually exciting local programs.

Our order included ruggedized fiber-optic cable, which makes set-up easy and provides the long distance runs that we sometimes need. Hitachi's optical fiber system provides carriage of full HD video, camera power, and camera control data without having to resort to hauling around bulky and heavy copper cables.

With the combination of the Z-HD5000 camera heads and the CA-HF1000 fiber backs, we have everything that we need in this new high-definition camera system. The fiber cable terminates right at the camera adapter attached to the camera head, providing a very clean and efficient package.

To create our new high-definition truck, we gutted the interior of a 33-foot mobile office, and installed a full array of HD/SD video, audio, and graphics systems capable of handling a streamlined file-based workflow.

Since their arrival last November, the new Hitachi Z-HD5000 high-definition cameras have been used extensively to cover a wide range of Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League high school basketball games and wrestling championships, as well as Monterey Bay League Boys Soccer, and other high school sporting events.

The cost-efficiency of our Hitachi Z-HD5000 cameras goes beyond their purchase price. This has enabled us to maximize man-hours when we're out on location, and this is critical when you're dealing with a small but mighty crew such as ours. The Z-HD5000 has proven to be a feature-rich, rugged and reliable camera system that we expect will be serving our needs in the production of community television programming well into the future.

Craig Jutson is the director of technology and senior sports producer for Community Television of Santa Cruz County. He may be contacted at [email protected].

For additional information, contact Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd., at 516-921-7200 or visit

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