ERI to Introduce New VHF Television Antenna Gear

April 12, 2007
At NAB2007, Electronics Research Inc. will unveil three new television antenna products based on the company's new SLIMWing radiator element, which features a low profile mechanical configuration to reduce weight and tower wind load as well as to provide improved azimuth pattern circularity.

The XWING, a top-mounted lattice structure super turnstile television antenna, is available for any VHF television channel from 2 to 13 (47 to 230 MHz). The sidemounted version of the SLIMWing VHF television antenna is intended for applications such as an auxiliary standby VHF television antenna or a main antenna for Class A or LPTV applications. The panel version of the SLIMWing television antenna allows for a wide range of azimuth and elevation patterns that can be custom configured.

The company is also introducing a new UHF television antenna available for rapid deployment for off-air situations or for permanent installation as an auxiliary antenna. The AGW WR1500 Rapid-Deploy Standby antenna is an open-ended waveguide radiator that may be tuned for any channel in the UHF television band.

ERI will also present two new Fine Matcher sections for high-band VHF television. The new matching sections are designed for 3 1/18-inch and 4 1/16-inch systems and are capable of reducing voltage standing wave ratios to less than 1.2:1. Also on tap is a new connector for Andrew HJ11-50B 4-inch air HELIAX.

Finally, ERI will introduce the new ULTRA Guy Anchor, which features a port to allow non-destructive ultra-sonic testing of guy anchor integrity, without soil excavation. In addition to corrosion detection, ERI also offers the MAG-ROD combined cathodic protection and grounding system for corrosion prevention.

Electronics Research Inc. will be in booth N1119.

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