Azden Intros Dual-Channel On-Camera UHF Receiver

July 29, 2005
Azden has launched its new 200UPR, a dual-channel, 63-frequency UHF receiver that operates in the 794 - 806MHz band.

The receiver allows videographers to record audio from two subjects simultaneously, similar to the company's WR22 Pro dual-channel VHF receiver.
Each of its three pre-packaged complete systems includes the receiver and two mic/transmitters. The 200UPR is compatible with all Azden 63-channel mic/transmitters, so videographers that own a 100, 400 or 500 system can use their current mic/transmitters with the 200UPR receiver.

Features include crystal-controlled PLL synthesis and a two-channel 3.5 millimeter -58 dB balance mic-level output jack. Each channel has LEDs for Power On/Signal Received, group/frequency selectors and dual high-gain antennas with BNC connectors.

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