Asaca to Launch Optical Storage Library in 2005

October 29, 2004
Asaca will launch an optical storage system by Q1 2005 using Sony's P Professional Disc for Data technology next year.

The TeraCart PDR storage library will have the capacity to hold more than 33TB of data and will offer up to 11MBps read and 9MBps write transfer speeds. The storage system works with SCSI, fibre channel or a network-attached appliance as interface options. Asaca has customized mass storage libraries for Sony and JVC.

With the TeraCart PDR, customers who would buy a 30TB tape-based system can now buy the Asaca library for approximately the same price, according to Chuck Larabie, vice president of sales and marketing. Larabie also said that broadcasters would make the transition to digital storage in order to save their archived data.

"All of the customers are suffering video rot in some form or another," he said, adding that it is important to them to migrate content to a more stable storage medium. Larabie said that broadcasters would use the storage system for the long-term preservation of content.

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