Analog Way Introduces Graphics Switcher With Titling and Effects

November 6, 2003
Analog Way, a French-based manufacturer of scan converters and image processing devices, recently introduced the Octo-Fade, a universal seamless switcher that includes titling and transition effects. The Octo-Fade has eight computer or video inputs and a built-in scaler that converts a variety of input graphics--from NTSC video high-resolution computer images--to a fixed output resolution.

Another feature of the Octo-Fade is its ability to place an active title on screen while transitioning between two images. The titles can be displayed with an adjustable shadow for greater legibility and the titles can remain on-screen even when performing a transition between NTSC video and computer images.

Built-in effects on the Octo-Fade include fade, dissolve, black and cut, and the device switches stereo audio to follow the image transitions.

For more information, visit Analog Way's Web site at

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