01.27.2012 10:00 AM
TV Technology Digital Editions
Another FCC Deadline on Horizon; What's on the NAB Show 'Wish List'; Changing Mic Market Still Demands Quality; INTX Explores Cable Business Technology; Behind the Scenes at 'Game of Thrones';USA Series 'Digs' Deep into New Marketing; Intercoms Becoming More Feature Rich; Harmonic to Highlight Virtualization, UHD; Comrex's Future Takes Shape With IP; Wheatstone Promote IP Audio Advances; JVC Touts 4K, ENG Strengths' Lighting: Back to Front Or Front to Back?; Basics of Software-Defined Networking; Advantages of True Peak Metering; Lowell Lighting's Pro Power LED Kit; CMR Blackbird Stabilizer; RUSHWORKS' A-List Automation System; Fostex's RM-3 Stereo Rack Monitor
Baseball's 'Big Picture' Wows Fans; Multiviewers Turning into 'Multi-Doers'; IP for Broadcast: The Time Is Now; Panasonic Touts 4K, Cloud Advances, Grass Valley Maps Its Path to an IP Future; Ross Shows Broad and Deep Range at NAB; Canon Addresses 4K Imaging Challenges; State of the Edit, 2015; Putting the IOPS Where They Count; Ad Tech Integration Shifts Expectations; Coefficients for Acoustical Materials; AJA's CION UHD Camcorder; Virtual Backgrounds' Scene Machine; NewTek's Talkshow VS-100
Drone Action Heats Up; IP, 4K and ATSC 3.0 on BEC Agenda; Automation Enhances Budgets, Workflows; Archiving in Today's Digital Haystack; Sony Expands 4K Push at NAB Show; Imagine Sees an All-IP Future for Broadcast; Maintaining ENG Signal Quality; Grass Valley Cameras Power Harb Productions; WFMZ-TV Expands Coverage With LiveU; Sony Camcorder Sets 4K Stage at EnviroNews; Panasonic Camcorders Help Float Ship Shape's Boat; IDX Batteries Power Goode/Dreams; Syracuse U. Elevates Education With Ikegami HD Cameras; Kino Flo Soft Lights Keep on Shining; BBS Area 48 Lights Illuminate New AJ+ Studio; AAdyn 'Hurrican' Outshines HMIs; Gearhouse Readies For 4K Future With Hitachi Cameras
2015 NAB Show Redefines Itself; What's New This Year; NAB Show Product Preview; Product Showcase 
Examining Broadcast's Future; New Emergency Alert Service Proposed; Big Shows Require Wireless Audio Stability; AES67 'Another Arrow in the Quiver'; Blackness: A Three-Tiered Approach; Boston's WCVB Weathers Record-Setting Winter; Vislink Connects Fans with Racing Action; Telestream Delivers Polar Bear Video Globally; Comrex LiveShot Keeps the News Flowing; Telemetrics Robotics Aids Concert Telecast; Dejero Delivers Hometown Hockey Action; TVUPack Expands KOSA-TV's ENG Options
From Small Screen to Really Big Screen; Inside the NHL's Situation Room; HEVC: Raising All Resolution Boats? Remembers the Early Days of L.A. Television; Wearable Cameras Go Beyond Birds-Eye POV; Lighting Technology Joins the Digital Age; Cable and Connectors Keep Evolving; Advertising Crowns the Super Bowl Experience; Amazon's Agenda Fits Streaming Expectations From Researchers; Placid Streams: PDV and MDI Measurement Techniques; Audio Innovations From 2015 CES, NAMM; Crappin' Out on the Lossy Drag; Anton/Bauer's Digital Battery Series; Panasonic's AW-HE130 Integrated Remote HD/SD Camera; Nexto's NVS2825 Portable Memory Card Backup System; Scorpion Portable LED Light Kit
February 4, 2015 
Media Groups Gain Approval for Drone Testing; CES Augurs New Video Landscape; A Technology Pilgrimage in the Desert; Displays Get Bigger and Brighter at 2015 CES; AT&T Test LTE Broadcast Tech at CFB; Taking Switchers to the Next Level; RAVENNA Gains Ground in AoIP Market; When Preparation Meets Opportunity; Multilayer 3D Disks Expand Data Capacity; LDM - Stacking Signals for Improved Performance; Eleven FCC Scenarios for the 600 MHz Band Plan; Of Course, There's an App for That!; What About Audio Quality?; User Reports - Signal Converters/Intercoms; Reference Guide
January 21, 2015 
NBC Resets With New Tech for Super Bowl XLIX; 4K, 'From Soup to Nuts'; CNNgo Looks to Bring the Internet to Television; Getting the Most Out of Your Newscasts; Pro Audio Boards Continue to Evolve; Bonded-Cell Vendors Cope With Changing Speed Limits; Selecting the Server That's Right for You; Small Wonders: Reviewing Portable Video Recorders; Editors Find Big Things in an Inexpensive Package; Locating Shows Becomes a Cross-Platform Challenge; Understanding Virtualization and Containers; Acoustic Designs for Multichannel Audio Control Rooms; Adorama's 3Pod Tripod; TSL's Pam PiCo Touch Monitor; The Sun-Bouncer Pro Kit From Sunbounce; RED's 6K Epic Dragon; Steadicam's Curve Stabilization System
2014: The More Things Change; Will UHD Content Take Off in 2015?;  Motive, Granite Launch TabletTV; New Gear for Today's Well-Equipped VJ; Tech Takes to the Hills at 2015 Winter X Games; New ITU Standard Could Boost 4K Over Telco; Digital Journal—Archiving: Maintaining Relevance for the Future; An Exercise in Vintage Hard Light; Placid Video Packet Streams; Sound Predictions for the New Year; An Inexpensive Setup for Rapid DTV Field Measurements; The Art of Load Balancing 
The Legacy of 'Moment in Nature;'  Akamai Reports on the State of the Internet; Video Expected to Be Biggest Star at CES; Future-Proofing for 4K; HVEC and the Future of 4K Distribution; The Versatile Production Switcher; Getting the Best Out of External Recorders; GatesAir CEO Takes the Long View; 2014: A Year Not Unlike Others; Education Episodes Are Made for Mulitplatform Release; A Treasure Trove of Audio History Can Be Found Online 
Technology Takes a Tightrope Walk; A Level Playing Field; The Evolving Art of Loudness Monitoring; Virtual Broadcasting; Enhancing the Sound of Sports; User Report — Video Monitors; Broadcast Advice for Audio Content Creators; Cloud Performance — Noisy Neighbors and Bare-Metal Servers; FCC Reveals 600MHz Band Plan; Mass Storage Elements in IT-Class Media Servers; Changing Light Intensity  
Levi's Stadium Highlights Fiber-Rich Tech; Broadcasters Do the Math; News Vans Get Smaller, More Efficient; Revinvigorated Focus Defines CCW+SATCON; Rogers Brings NextGen NHL Coverage to Canada; 4K Lens Development Limited by Physics; Hitachi's Z-HD600 HDTV Production Camera; ProAm USA's Autopilot Camera Stabilizer; HBO, CBS Raise OTT Profile; The FCC DTV's Interference Dilemma    
SMPTE Publishes AXF Standard; DPP Is Ready to Roll; The Challenge of Wireless Mic Coordination; Creating Different Concepts of Reality Through Editing; A/V Fingerprinting—Transporting, Binding and Applications; User Reports—Camera Heads, Tripods & Pedestals
ONE Media and Next-Gen Broadcasting;  Switching to IP; Black Burst Is Alive and Well in HD Plants; Lighting by the Numbers; AES Gathers in Los Angeles; Flexibility, Forum Define New Monitor Design; A 'Star' Is Born Through Social Media; Exploring Audio Control Room Acoustics; Summarizing the 2014 State of the Cloud; Light Sources 101: HMIs; Elements of Enterprise COTS Servers; Accidental Discovery Through Testing; Using ASTER for More Accurate Coverage Studies;  Equipment Reviews
New Generation of Sports Trucks Hits the Road; '4K In Four Years;'  TV's Future: Freedom of Choice; C-SPAN Paywall Spotlights Multiplatform Challenge; 'Drunk History' Revives Oral Storytelling; User Reports — Audio  
A Missing Piece of the 4K Puzzle;  NBC Preps ND1 for NFL; Full 4K Editing Not Ready for Primetime; Managing Production in the Cloud; It's All Just Television, Or Is It?; IBC Sees 4K, IP in Broadcast's Future; Using IEEE 1588 PTP in Video Networks; LED Is Coming of Age; Scaling Servers to Fit the Workflow; Creating the Test Gear With an SDR; "Book 'Em, Danno": AV Fingerprinting; Equipment Guide: Cloud-Based Services
CBS Prepares for US Open; The New 'Hybrid' ENG; Traffic and Billing Branches Out; Audio Control Room Acoustics; Ready for YouTube's Networks; User Reports—Cameras, Lenses & Medias
FCC Pushes Caption Deadlines;  Feds Revisit EAS Tests; Heading Up to Cloud Storage; Audio Loudness Still a Hot Topic; New Protocols Enhance Console Networking; Web, Social Media Driving Weather Graphics; Examining Video Server Configurations; The Parabolic Aluminum Reflector; Exploring Audio Control Room Acoustics; TVStudy Options Show Impact on Coverage; Equipment Reviews
For AES67, Timing Is Everything;  Multiviewers Moving Toward 4K, IP Adoption; Advances in Lighting Add More Versatility; U-Florida Shifts Into High Gear With SEC; Recording Pretty Pictures From Above;  6P Laser 3: Coming to a Theater Near You?; Rounds' Social TV Relies on Online Streams; How Will IBI Affect DTV Reception After Repacking?; User Reports—Routing & Master Control Switchers
Aereo Ponders Next Move; The Future of Newsrooms; 'Go Anywhere' ENG; Test and Measurement Expands Its Scope; 4K Seeks Its Place in Auto Racing Coverage; Twitter Acquires SnappyTV for Video Sharing; What Is Software-Defined Networking?; FCC Changes OET-69 Parameters in TV Study; Learning the Basics of Fluorescents; Audio-over-IP in the Broadcast Plant; Providing for Interoperability: a Case Study
Remembrance and Celebration;  3D Continues Its March; Digital Electronics Push Optical Physics; High-Octane Communications; Putting a New Spin on Prompters; Implementing the Loudness Processing; New Dimensions in Media Streaming; Inter-Band RFI: Should Stations Worry?; User Reports— Transmitters & Power Tubes  
ESPN Brings World Cup to U.S. Viewers; ESPN Opens New Digital Center; Monitors Continue Evolution to OLED, 4K; Virtual Sets Embrace Reality Via 4K, 3D; NAB Show Week: Meetings and Takeaways; The Evolution of Tungsten Bulbs; User Reports—Production Switchers/Editing & Graphics
FCC Issues Auction Order;  ATSC Prepares for 3.0; Art, Science Intersect at InfoComm14; Best of Show Awards; NAB Show Product Review
Convention Highlights Media Transition;  Smith to FCC: Where's the National Broadcast Plan?; Events Are the Future of Broadcasting; Tapping Into the Head (and Heart) of Consumers; Mobile Delivery Faces Fresh Challenges; Wheeler Pitches Auction, OTT and OFDM; OBS Serves Broadcasters at Olympics; Quality Content Drives Viewer Interest; New Ad Debate: Are You Chasing Rabbits?; Exhibitor News
News Drones on the Horizon;  Interest in OTT Heats Up; The Cable Show: Tech in Tinseltown; Harmonizing the Production Workflow; NEP Launches 'Transportable Studio;' The Cloud: Getting Beyond the 'Wow Factor;' HD Tips and Techniques—Preparing the Digital Workflow Path; Sports Editing on the Fly; Can Ethernet SRP Support Production; Seeing Through the Eye of the Fresnel; Unlocking Storage—Defined Storage; Measuring Content for CALM Compliance; User Reports — Test Equipment / Signal Monitoring
NBC Takes Olympics Workflow Mainstream;  From Stamford to Sochi; Mic Companies Await FCC Auction Rules; Intercoms Ramp Up for Bigger Events; NAB to Highlight Latest 4K Gear; Miranda Debuts GV STRATUS System; Wheatstone Aims to Fill 'Audio Gap' in Automation; The Perils of 4K; The Composition of Sunlight; Deluxe and the Value of Metatags; File-Based Loudness Processors; Equipment Review
The Return of 'Cosmos';  BEC Tackles Multiplatform Landscape; Golf Coverage on a Truly Massive Scale; Dodgers Debut SportsNet LA; Golf Channel Adopts Sony's Optical Disc Archive; Grass Valley Preps for a Multiplatform World; Ross Hits 40th in Stride; Harmonic Set to 'Redefine' Video Delivery; JVC Extends, Enhances ENG Elements; What Is Price Reliability?; Real-World Results: Transistors vs. Tubes at UHF; The Difficulties of Getting a Great Mix to Air
'War Horse' in 4K Dazzles Audiences; Navigating the NAB Show;  Master Control is the New Data Control; Sony 'Full Speed Ahead' With 4K; Panasonic Promotes AVC-Ultra Front and Center; Some Hope for Interference Issues; Social TV: Hot or Not? Still a Work in Progress; State of the Edit 2014; Google Seeks to Expand VP9 Support; Using a Light Meter to Maintain Atmosphere
Broadcast Wields Power to Dazzle and Dominate; 2014 NAB Show Product Preview; Product Showcase 
Decoding Signals From L.A.; 'Basketball Nirvana;' FCC Approves New Closed-Captioning Rules; Digital Journal—Tweaking Your Routing System for UHD; Audio Advances at CES; Super Bowl Ads: Chevy's Inspiring 'Life;' User Reports—  Mobile, Satellite & Cellular-ENG
Broadcasting in the Balance; Connecting for Faster Data Rates; NHL Expands Outdoor Games Schedule; 4K in the TV Environment: Where It Is Now; The Magic of HMIs; When the Light Hits the Lens; Progress Towards the All-IT/ Cloud Media Facility; News for Today's Mobile Social Media Viewers; CNN Adopts Adobe Anywhere; Unique DTV Reception Problems; The Role of Real-Time Processors in Loudness Metering and Correction
NBC Expands Olympics Multiplatform Coverage; Connected Media Big at CES; Looking Beyond the Numbers at CES; Instant Benefits of Integrated Production; Tech Retreat Looks at Video's 'New Normal;' An Engineer's Toolkit; Incident or Reflected: Using a Light Meter; Breaking Down the File Systems; Is It Time to Redesign Audio Console Surfaces?; User Reports—Signal Converters/Intercoms
Bracing for The Big Chill; Learning the Console Ropes; Bonded Cellular: Getting the Best Shots; Sharing a Common Currency;  Portable Storage Looks Skyward; Touring Wheatstone's Factory; In the Newsroom, It's Clouds and Crowds; AES67-2013 Looks at Audio Over IP; Speed Writing Trumps Reading; 'Casting Wars' Augur Next Airwaves/Attention Battle; Moving Into an Interference-Limited Environment in 2015; Is 'Avid Everywhere' a Reality?; Equipment Reviews    
Sound of Music: On Stage, On the Small Screen; Mobile Tops CES Agenda; Gear for the Journalist on the Go; Making Room for UHDTV; Strategies for Better LTO Data Preservation; News and Information for Millennials Plus; Synchronous Signals Over Asynch Networks; The Art of the Mixed Measurement; Breaking Down the File System; Audio Topics for the New Year; User Report—Video Servers & Recording/Controllers; Product Showcase  
London Eye Links Record Number of Streams; NTSC Color Celebrates 60th Anniversary; Pushing Technical Boundaries With 'Earthflight;' Broadcasters Ponder Post-MPEG-2 World; One WTC Prepares for Station Tenants; Tradition Battles Technology in Switcher Facelifts; Audio Objects for 4K Television; Is Laser Illuminated Projection the Future of 3D?; More Ad Spending Heads to Second Screens; The Effects of ACI on UHF Channel Allotments; SMPTE Looks at All-IT Media Facilities; Equipment Review  
BAS Spectrum Threats Escalate;  Canon Launches 4K Professional Display; Mobile Sports Production Eyes 4K; Integrating Social Media into the Broadcast Plant; Maintaining Proper Color Temperature While on the Go; Examining the Evolution of Archives; IEEE BTS Discusses LTE, DVB-2; User Reports — Station Automation/ Digital Content Management
4KTV: The Devil Is in the Details; Taking Stock of CALM; Wrangling 14 Channel Sound in Dallas; More Than Just a 'Channel in a Box;' Modified 'Hybrid Storage' Offers Many Options; Digital Journal—Switching from 1080 to Ultra HD;  Managing and Storing Your Initial Original Content; Squash Anyone? Pick Your Platform; Loudspeakers—Parameters and Design; Minimizing DTV Interference After Channel Repacking
A Business Case for the Cloud; CMOS, 10 Years Later; CCW to Focus on 4K and Multiplatform Workflows; The Role of Lenses in Today's Virtual Environment; Cameras Record 'Big Data' for the NBA; Sloan Kelvin on the Power of Editing; Digital Glut or Gush: What's Important? 
Making Waves With Technology;  A Viewer's Point of View; 4k/UHD to Headline SMPTE2013; Sports Producers Expand Audio Boundaries; A Train Wreck in the Offing; The Basics of Loudspeaker Design; User Reports- Camera Heads, Tripods and Pedestals
3D Lives!;  HDMI 2.0 Primes 4K Market; ESPN Goes All-LED for US Open; AES to Focus on Audio in a Multi-Device World; The Challenges of IPTV System Testing; Monitors: Beyond What the Eye Can See; The Changing Face of Test and Measurement; SCTE Looks at Cable's Evolving Tech Landscape; Virtualizing the Growth of Metadata; The Other Social Networking for TV Pros; Don't Leave Home Without These iApps; Surprising Results Using Real Antenna Patterns in TVStudy
Mobile TV's Slow Rollout;  TV Tech Then and Now; Sony F65 Shines With NBC's 'Camp;' NEP Launches Four-Truck EN1 Mobile Production Unit for ESPN; Loud Speaker Basics for Control Room Monitoring; Experiments in Redirecting Digital Media; User Reports— Audio
'White Space Use' No Longer a Gray Area;  Wireless Mic Users Unite; 4K Expected to Dominate IBC; Connecting IT Together at The Weather Channel; Satellite Companies Prepare for Ultra HD; HD Tips and Techniques: Adding Flexibility to the Editing Desk; Bringing 'The Matrix' to the NFL; Additive and Subtractive Color Mixing; The Question: To FEC or Not to FEC?; FCC Outlines Repacking Techniques; Automated Storage Tiering; User Reports—Fiber, Cable & Connectors/Utility Switchers
NBC Opens State-of-the-Art Sports HQ; Tennis Channel Looks for Love With New Tech; Digital Journal: Keeping Over the Air Broadcasting Relevant; 'Another Tool in the Toolbox;' A New Smackdown Sound; From Covering Traffic to Driving It; 4K Editing: Prices, Features Run Gamut; Real-Time AV Transport Over Ethernet; AMI Pushes Local Interactive Ads; User Reports: Cameras, Lenses & Media; Product Showcase
New FCC Rules Loom for Closed Captioning; Changing Roles; Behind the Scenes at NBC Peacock Productions; Audio Quality: It's Not Just ABout Loudness; Weather Forecasts Zoom in on Local; Estimating Green Screen Lighting; Measuring Downmix Loudness; K-Tek's Nautilus Mic Suspension Mount; Matrox's MicroQuad Multiviewer; NewTek Tricaster 855 Production Switcher; Eye on: Remote Options for Audio Consoles
Tablets Tap Into TV Territory; From Bird's Eye to Panorama With YES View; Lighting Advances Focus on Size, Efficiency; Multiviewers Assimilate Newsroom Displays; Digital Journal—Do DSLRs Have a Place in Broadcast?; Do We Really Need the FCC?; New Editing Systems Upgrade for 4K, Part 2; Producing Intelligible Speech for Mobile DTV; User Reports—Routing & Master Control Switchers
Fox Sports 1 Set for August Debut; Is it Time for 4K?; The Multiplatform Approach to Sports Graphics; Bonded Cellular Technology Follows Diverse Path; Can TV Broadcast Really Go OTT?; HD Tips and Techniques: Test Equipment Grows to Fit New Niches; SMPTE 2022 and the Future of VOIP; Sorting Out SAS and SATA; Bow to Your Partner for Some Inverse Square Dancing; Testing TV Antennas With Some Nifty Gadgets; Divergent Media's ScopeBox v3.2; Zacuto EVF Flip Portable Monitor; Rede's Reporter Microphone; Designed for Comfort; Linear Industries AT8001 DTV Exciter
NBC Takes Viewers on 'Tour;' When Weather Turns Deadly; TNT Makes the Most of its Short NASCAR Season; IEEE Summit Outlines Television's Next Chapter; Lensmakers Advance Versatility in the Coming of the 4K Era; Prompting With Tablets: a Perfect Match?; What You Need to Know About Adjacent Channel Interference; Editors Take on the 4K Challenge; 'Dovetailing' Second Screen Services With ATSC 2.0 and Beyond; Using TV Study to Map Coverage, Interference; The Move to the All-IT Facility; User Reports— Transmitters, Antennas, Satellite & Power Tubes
NYC Stations Brace for WTC Tower Battle; Who Needs the Cloud?; 4K Monitors Starting to Come Into Focus; Newsroom Graphics Tie It All Together; Equipment Guide: Production Switchers/Editing & Graphics; The Evolution of Digital Content Delivery; Loudness Content Management for TV Audio Mixers
Areo Copyright Battle Expands;  NAB Show Product Review; Cultivating the Craft at InfoComm13; Cable Show Returns to Washington
NAB Show Anticipates Trends; Carey's Fighting Words Dominate Opening; 'SNL' Jumps Hurdles to Make Tight Deadlines; Rosenworcel, Pai: Stay With Auction Deadline; Displays to be Bigger, Brighter; Broadcasters, Telcos 'Have to Work Together;' A Conversation With Jon Landau; Streaming, Second Screen Dominate Affiliate Meetings; Converging Ecosystems Challenge; Technology Builds a New World in 'Oblivion;' Exhibitor News; NAB Show in Photos 
Up Close and Extreme; Broadcast Explores the Cloud; Fiber Options for 4K; OTT Gathers Mainstream Steam; Connected or Companion TV: Which is Better for Broadcasters?; Automatically CALM; Active Archives for the Future; Making the Cloud Invisible; User Reports: Test Equipment/Signal Monitoring
Cell Industry Targets BAS Spectrum; NAB Show Focuses on Social Media;  The Road to Intelligent Intercoms; Wireless Users Cope With Fewer Options; Canon Debuts XA10 Replacements; Goldenberg Balances 'Argo' Storyline via Strategic Editing; Could Broadcasting's Future Hinge on Changes to OET-69?
Mobile TV Expands Capabilities; Execs Eye New Facilities, Workflow; The BBC's Hybrid System for EFP; Sports Nets Tweak MLB Coverage; The Importance of Speech Intelligibility; Increasing Storage Capacities with Nanotechnologies; Eye-On— Getting the Most Multiviewer for Your Money
Hitting a Virtual Hole in One; Engineering Confab Focuses on Industry's Future; Channel in a Box Systems Go Live; Cisco Survey Touts Mobile Video Boom; State of the Edit 2013; User Reports 
NAB Show: Content's Level Playing Field; NAB Show Highlights; NAB Product Preview; Product Showcase; Exhibitor Listing
EAS System Target of Undead Prank; FCC OKs 'NextGen' Transmission Test; What's Next for UHDTV?; Solid State Highlights from CES; Super Bowl Ads Gravitate to Higher Level; IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol
Network Marks NHL Return with New Tech; UHDTV Has Arrived But Who Will Fill the Content Pipe?; Lenses: Balancing Cost with Features; Using Hard and Soft Lighting When Shooting in 4K; 4k Products Outstrip Cabling Solution
Feb. 1, 2013
Show touts UHDTV, integrated video, diverse interfaces; CBS Supersizes the Super Bowl; Doug Lung reviews next-gen error correction codes; The Importance of Timbre in Assessing Audio Quality; Integrating Storage, Archiving and Transcoding 
Which Smart Screen Will Viewers Prefer?; Ditching the Truck;  Fiber Boosts Audio Network Capabilities; Newsrooms Embrace Multitasking; The Science of High Speed Video; Testing Interference on UHF Taboo Channels; Reality Trumps Digital Imagination
2013 CES Promises 'Sensory Overload'; ESPN Adapts 'Olympic-Style' Production for X Games; Reviewing the IEEE Broadcast Symposium, Part II; Some Observations of the Inverse Square Law of Ilumination 
CALM Act Takes Effect; ABC to Rock Times Square; Not 'TV Everywhere'; At Home on the Road; Interactive Viewing Triggers Targeted for Summer Adoption; Shotgun Microphones in Theory and in Practice
Dec. 5, 2012
Space Jump Brings HD Video Down to Earth; Auctions' Impact on BAS; The Changing Face of Master Control; Customer Demand Shapes Refurbished Token Creek Truck
Nov. 21, 2012
Broadcasters Add More Tools to Cover Hurricane Sandy; The Indispensable DVR; 5.1 Becoming DeFacto in HD Sports; Bringing the 'Voice of God' to Audio TV; Servers Take on Added Importance in Broadcast Production; Digital Journal
Nov. 7, 2012
IPTV22 at Heart of Barclays Center Stadium; The Great [Sounding] Debates; Large Sensor vs. 3-Sensor Cameras; Lenses Evolve for ENG; Content and Communications World Hones its Focus  
FCC's Ambitious Auction Plan; Putting 4K to Work, AES Preview; Cloudspotter's Journal; Equipment Guide: Camera Heads, Tripods & Pedestals   
NBC and the Olympics: Cards Face Up; A Day in the Cloud; MTV Video Music Awards; Lighting Technology; Equipment Reviews
Broadcasters Prepare for Mobile DTV Launch; N.Y. Pubcasters Centralize Master Control; Fiber TV; 3D Workshop; Equipment Guide: Audio
CNN Debuts New Washington Studio; PBS NGIS Adopts MPEG-4; IBC Preview; Masked Engineer; Equipment Guide: Fiber, Cable & Connectors/ Utility Switchers 
Broadcaster Prepare for Conventions; US Open Coverage Expands; Traffic & Billing; TV Ubiquity; Equipment Guide: Cameras, Lenses & Media
Closed-Caption Mandate Nears; Vizio Launches 21:9 Screen; Multiplatform; Storage Technology; Equipment Reviews
July 25, 2012
Broadcasting London 2012; LPTV Transition Funding Ends; Multiviewers; Simulviewing; Equipment Guide: Routing & Master Control Switches 
EAS-CAP Rules Now in Place; Remembering Telstar; Indy 500; Inside Audio; Equipment Reviews
Focusing on UHDTV;  Cable Touts 'Viewdini;' Wi-Fi; Prompters; The Masked Engineer; Equipment Guide: Transmitters, Antennas, Towers  & Power Tubes
FCC Delves Into Channel Sharing; ESPN Gears Up for 3D X Games; Video Monitors; Lighting; Equipment Guide: Production Switchers / Editing & Graphics
LTE Tempts with Advanced Services; NAB Show Eyes 'What's Next'; Show Preview; Awards
Viewing the Big Picture at the NAB Show; Jump In; Mobile DTV; Exhibitor News 
HD ENG Unleashed; Collaboration in the Cloud; Cable Show; Lighting; Equipment Guide: Test Equipment / Signal Monitoring
NBC Gears Up for Olympics; 3D Advances at NAB Show; Spectrum Squeeze; Masked Engineer; Equipment Reviews
Marlins Inaugurate MLB's Newest Park; Media Execs Ponder NAB Wares; Digital Journal; Focus on Editing; Equipment Reviews
Broadcasters Take Aereo to Court; Seeking CALM at NAB; NAB Update; Lighting Technology; Equipment Guide: Cameras, Lighting & Batteries
NAB Show: Shifting Focus, Crossing the Aisle; What's New at NAB?; Product Previews; Exhibitor List
CBS, Turner Brace for March Madness; Has OLED Arrived for Consumers?; Wireless Mics; Technology Corner; Equipment Guide: Mobile, Remote & Satellite
CNBC Moves to the Stock Exchange Floor; 24-Hour Checking; Lenses; The Masked Engineer; Equipment Reviews
CES: What's New is OLED; Streaming the Big Game; Desert Tech; 2012 Campaign; Equipment Guide: Signal Converters / Intercoms
TV Antennas Thrive in a Down Economy; The Final Cut; Gear on the Go; Masked Engineer; Equipment Reviews
FCC Issues Loudness Rules; Defining the TV Experience; 3DTV; Lighting Tech; Equipment Guide: Video Servers & Recording Controllers 

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WMUR-TV Says FAA Drone Rules Preclude ENG
The FAA’s current rules and proposed ban on flight over people, requirement of visual line of sight and restriction on nighttime flying, effectively prohibit broadcasters from using UAS for newsgathering. ~ WMUR-TV General Manager Jeff Bartlett

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