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Deborah D. McAdams   04/27/2012, 08:34PM
Where in the World is McAdams On? You may be wondering if you landed here...
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Deborah D. McAdams   03/16/2012, 07:24PM
McAdams On: Aereologica Quicker than the eye
While the new iPad has a 2,048-by-1,536-pixel display perfect for watching hi-def TV, it does not have a mobile DTV receiver chip. Nothing on the market has a mobile DTV receiver chip. Aereo works right out of the gate on all kinds of handheld devices through the use of “massive amounts of cloud storage.”
Deborah D. McAdams   03/02/2012, 08:46PM
McAdams On: Contrary Spectrum Developments International developments make U.S. spectrum management seem backward
This week alone, LTE broadcasting was demonstrated in Spain while researchers in Italy showed a way to increase spectrum carrying capacity by phase twisting radio waves. On U.S. soil, spectrum innovation involved the government going threat-level orange on low-power TV stations, and wireless industry heavyweights doing likewise to the government, like some weird, ironic dervish dance.
Deborah D. McAdams   02/14/2012, 12:00AM
The People's Court
And so the FCC is asking for public comment on LightSquared's petition that global positioning systems not be afforded protection from operations
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Monday 6:39AM
What Price Reliability?
Digitally delivered TV has seen a pile o’ fail lately.

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