The Difference Between Audio for Film, TV

By Jay Yeary | November 28, 2016

The entire process of sound for film has always fascinated me partly because the working environment seems so extravagant compared to someone who has spent the majority of their professional life working in the trenches of broadcast audio for television.

Audio Monitoring Reacts To Format Changes

By Steve Harvey | October 5, 2016

The one constant in the broadcast industry, despite its reputation for being staid and conservative, increasingly seems to be change these days. The growing momentum behind the adoption of IP networking and transports is accelerating the rate of that change, and manufacturers of certain products are beginning to feel the pressure.

Transitioning to IP Audio Codecs

By Jay Yeary | September 16, 2016

In my August column, “The Audio World Without ISDN,” we looked at the impending demise of ISDN and the options available for those who can no longer get service.

The Audio World Without ISDN

By Jay Yeary | August 22, 2016

I was working on a string of projects back in the mid-1990s that required us to fly in talent to handle Spanish and Portuguese translation.

The State of AoIP Compatibility

By Jay Yeary | July 28, 2016

One of my missions at this year’s NAB Show was to take a deeper assessment of the state of interoperability of audio-over-IP devices in preparation for an upcoming project.

Testing Compatibility at an AES67 Plugfest

By Mary C. Gruszka | February 18, 2016

As AES67-compliant products continue to come on the market, how can we be sure they are really compatible with each other with no test equipment currently available to verify compliance? One way is to hold a “plugfest” where manufacturers of products that incorporate AES67 can get together, hook up their products to each other and see what happens.

The Changing Deliverables Of Broadcast Audio

By Jay Yeary | January 19, 2016

Where we once simply sent a mix to the primary air chain, they can now end up in places we never dreamed, after going through file manipulation processes over which we have little information or control.

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