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V4x rich-media interactivity for live video for mobile TV, Web can shake out viewers

February 3, 2009

Interactive media platform company V4x has introduced its newest toolset for adding interactivity to live video feeds for Web and mobile services, V-Live. Supporting many types and levels of interactive and social networking, V-Live lets producers extend and surround content to generate revenue on the Web and mobile devices and ramp up viewer participation.

The V-Live extends interactive experiences for live video events and engages Web and mobile viewers beyond typical VOD or passive broadcasts. With real-time interactive participation through polls, games, voting, catch-up clips on demand and related content contributions, interactivity gives live shows more "grab." Where-to-click choices keep viewers in play longer, giving content providers more time and ways to monetize their shows.

V-Live lets producers both run a show and push one-click graphic clickable overlays, quizzes, polls banners, logos and RSS tickers from on-site or remote locations. Producers can also remotely mix live feeds and prerecorded video clips such as commercials during breaks. It’s also possible to offer a mix of linear and nonlinear programming by letting viewers switch any time between live and VOD files.

A real-time preview window lets producers see how the finished content will appear on the Web or handset, and chat with a moderation panel avoids unwanted or abusive language. V-Live can be a simple extension of current CDN services, with straightforward integration with Web sites and media players. Viewers can get Web-to-mobile or mobile-to-Web download links through premium SMS. A dashboard offers back-office real-time measurement of clicks, computation of votes, analytics and reports.

Social networking monetization is enabled through off-the-shelf revenue generation schemes for sponsorships built into each widget component of social networking such as chats, polls and quizzes.

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