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Keynote highlights ways to create the ultimate user experience

January 20, 2009

In a keynote shared by CEA President Gary Shapiro — which featured the debut of Yoostar, a video platform that lets users put their own faces and words into classic movie clips — Sir Howard Stringer told his audience,"… we need to provide consumers with a user experience that is so compelling and so clearly life-enhancing, that our products and services become ‘must-haves’ at affordable prices."

While admitting that it won't be easy, Stringer offered what he calls his "seven imperatives for creating the ultimate user experience … in our networked age."

  • Embrace the fusion of industries. “The lines between CE, IT and entertainment have been blurring for some time … today’s devices must be created to interact seamlessly.”
  • Adopt a service-enhanced philosophy. “Consumers now assess the value of our products based on the quality of the experience with network-based services and content … from the initial design of products to the marketing of the user experience at the retail level.”
  • Products must be multifunctional, “…so that consumers can access, manage and organize many different types and sources of content. How do we make all of this easy for the consumer?”
  • Support open technologies. “Open technologies are winning the game. Closed systems are being disintermediated. Consumers expect choice — they expect services to work with any device.”
  • Advance the shared experience. “Social networks, game networks, virtual worlds have exploded in a way that drives what people watch, buy and recommend and share with others. Devices must enable these shared experiences.”
  • Create new value chains. “A new technology that offers an overwhelmingly better user experience can create a new value chain. The purchase of an HD television leads to the purchase of a Blu-ray player, a new sound system, an HD camcorder, digital cameras and more HD movies and video games.”
  • Go green. “Consumers are now beginning to associate terms like recycling and energy efficiency with consumer electronics products. Consumers want big screens and big sounds, but a small carbon footprint.”

"Embracing the ‘CES Seven’ means bringing together the best of hardware, software, network services and entertainment to improve the user experience," Stringer said. "In fact, we set a goal that by 2011, 90 percent of our product categories will connect wirelessly to the Internet — and to each other."

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