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07.15.2014 11:09 PM
Update: Owners Email About LARCAN Closure
Canadian transmitter manufacturer ceased operations July 10
UPDATE: After repeated attempts by TV Technology to get comments from the owners of LARCAN, we received the following email 37 hours after publication of the news that the operation had shut down—news confirmed by at least a dozen sources, including employees:

“Dear TVtechnology (sic), We are Sumavision from China. We saw news ‘LARCAN Closes Its Doors’ on your website, We formally notice you that this news is not true. Sumavision did not have any order to discontinue operations of Larcan, and Sumavision is still working on Larcan issues and no conclusion for now.
Please pay attention to truth of your report.
Sumavision Retain legal rights and interests.

The email was sent from a Linda Gao at Sumavision.com. TV Technology replied to Ms. Gao as follows:

“Are you saying that all LARCAN employees are still actively engaged in daily employment with LARCAN?”

This reply email bounced, and repeated attempts to call the number listed for Sumavision on the email did not go through.

TV Technology welcomes the opportunity to talk to representatives of Sumavision about its plans for LARCAN.

In the meantime, we stand by our reporting. ~ Deborah D. McAdams

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADATV Technology has learned that LARCAN, a Canadian television and radio transmitter manufacturer that has been in operation since the early 1950s, ceased operating on July 10, several sources familiar with the situation confirmed. One said the company shut its doors and dismissed the roughly 35-40 employees remaining at its Mississauga, Ontario and Lafayette, Colo. operations.

According to one source, employees were given no notice of the impending closure. They were told only that they were now without jobs and given orders to remove their personal belongings and turn in keys and company-issued credit cards.

Another source reported that the order to discontinue operations had come from Sumavision, Larcan’s majority owner based in China. LARCAN began a partnership with Beijing’s Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd. in 2009, with that company acquiring a controlling interest in LARCAN in late 2013.

Multiple LARCAN executives did not respond to queries about the shutdown, which one source said came after orders for transmitters “dried up.”

LARCAN had a long-established global reputation in the field of both solid-state and vacuum television transmitters in all power ranges. The company also manufactured FM broadcast transmitters and translators, as well as mobile DTV products. LARCAN has also provided of a range of engineering services in connection with transmitter installations.
LARCAN was formally established in 1981 when employees of the Canadian General Electric and the LeBlanc and Royale organization purchased CGE’s broadcast operation. The name LARCAN is an acronym for LeBlanc And Royal CANada. Until recently, LARCAN has been Canada’s only manufacturer of both radio and television transmitters. (Editor's note: Nautel introduced its first DTV transmitter line at NAB last year, and Technaligix, which came to our attention in the comments below, was “derived from a major U.S. broadcasting company,” according to its website, and “incorporated in 1995.”

~Deborah D. McAdams contributed to this story.

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Posted by: Alvaro Medina
Wed, 07-16-2014 12:27 PM Report Comment
It is very sad to see the end of great company. The first HDTV transmitter was developed by LARCAN-TTC (Louisville, Colorado) in conjunction with ZENITH (exciter), back in 1996. Now the Chinese have a high quality product without the research and development time and cost. As a former engineering director for LARCAN-TTC I feel very sad and sorry for the great Canadian Engineering team that made so many contributions to the Broadcast world.
Posted by: Anonymous
Tue, 07-15-2014 01:56 PM Report Comment
Sad! And after LARCAN sold a ton of their TV translators as part of the transition from analog to digital TV (translators). Low. LOW! I hope some enterprising employees pick up the service end of this and can make a living at it. We should all be sure to keep track of Sumavision's holdings and NEVER buy they're "here today, gone tomorrow" crap!
Posted by: Anonymous
Tue, 07-15-2014 02:10 PM Report Comment
Amazing! A well respected and needed transmitter manufacturer says goodbye. With everyone gone will there be anyone to provide support and spare parts for existing installations? The suddenness of closure is curious.
Posted by: Anonymous
Tue, 07-15-2014 04:53 PM Report Comment
Another casualty of the FCC's war on broadcast television. Equipment manufacturers have been the first to go.
Posted by: Anonymous
Tue, 07-15-2014 05:17 PM Report Comment
Sad. . .Good people and equipment
Posted by: Anonymous
Tue, 07-15-2014 06:40 PM Report Comment
An inauspicious end to an historic company. Larcan made an heroic and effective sales effort for TV digital translator conversion. TTC gear goes back to the '70s. I at one time in my life would often bicycle to Arvada and visit TTC. Dr. St. Clair is still alive and doing FCC applications consulting. He started making TV translators when no rules allowed them. Then, as I recall, started EMCEE. This is sad. (by Jeremy Lansman)
Posted by: Anonymous
Tue, 07-15-2014 08:02 PM Report Comment
I am glad of Larcan shutdown...not an ethic company.
Posted by: Anonymous
Tue, 07-15-2014 10:42 PM Report Comment
It's not just the FCC that has walked away from broadcast TV. The CBC & TVO (Ontario's version of PBS) shut down hundreds of repeaters, satellite stations & the like when Canada went down the ATSC road in 2011 & 2012. Somewhere above 700 of them. I would assume Larcan had a lot of that business, given that Canadian firms will buy Canadian hardware first...not all the stations shut down were LPTV class, either. Large cities like London, Ontario lost all CBC/SRC (French) OTA service when the repeaters were shut down.
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 03:34 AM Report Comment
People are way too willing to buy Chinese crap because they look at is the bottom line. They are trashing the world with junk. I refuse to buy the junk coming out of China.
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 09:29 AM Report Comment
Well those money grubbing Capitalists- just looking out for profits... wait a minute.. the communists closed Larcan as soon as they got a controlling interest in the company. Hope I'm not simplifying this too much, but it seems real curious to me. And we were all worried about the divestitures of the broadcast end of Harris!
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 10:19 AM Report Comment
Our Larcan gear is well-made and runs GREAT. I was, for a while, encouraged by the investment by Sumavision, in that it helped Larcan's financials. It even seemed somewhat logical that they would make use of Larcan to aid in the digital transition in China. And maybe they will still do that, just without the Larcan people, just the schematics. Eventually, the fact that all of the US government spectrum chicanery stopped people from buying transmitters when they had no idea what channel they might be shuffled to, did them in. Maybe this is collateral damage, warmly welcomed, from the cell phone companies' attempt to control the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 12:48 PM Report Comment
We had a brand new transmitter that failed after 3 weeks. The Larcan office emailed us a shipping label so we sent the transmitter back for repair. Before it arrived at the Canadian office for repair the plant closed. Before it was delivered by UPS I contacted UPS and was told we could not change the delivery. Now our transmitter is in UPS's hands and we are not listed as the shipper. Larcan of Colorado is. So how do we get our transmitter back? Mike Peterson KSPS TV
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 03:00 PM Report Comment
I am sorry to see Larcan go, we all need good competition! I would however like to take advantage of this situation and offer a complete line of North American transmitters and Translators from 40 watt to 5000 watts solid state in UHF and Low and High band VHF. I would also offer our help in any equipment you need repairing, if we can fix it we will. Yours Truly Bob Gullon President Technalogix LTD
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 03:07 PM Report Comment
I do take acceptation to your comment" until recently Larcsn has been the only Canadian manufacturer of both radio and television transmitters" Technalogix has been building both for 20 years! Bob Gullon President Technalogix
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 03:15 PM Report Comment
chinese got the knowhow from larcan developed after decates. pretty soon , a new factory from China will be screwing up the broadcast market. NICE!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 03:49 PM Report Comment
sad notice, but what about Larcan Brasil?
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 04:00 PM Report Comment
This is a prime example of "Unintended Consequences of Government interference in the market". This damn spectrum auction crap that has been going on for 3 years now, has basically made it impossible to get a license, to change a license or to do anything. Nobody will "buy" a transmitter if they have no idea they can run it in a few years. Due to this uncertainty in the market, the sales for a transmitter company that has been in business for 60+ years dries up... Now unless the employee's that know the product are allowed to setup their own parts/repair company for all Larcan products. Everyone that own a larcan is screwed when something fails and there are no parts. Shameful FCC damn Shameful! And you FCC people will all get your bonuses this year, while 50 real hard working people are out on their butts with no warning.
Posted by: Anonymous
Wed, 07-16-2014 04:09 PM Report Comment
Don't bother With Technalogix. We had a transmitter of theirs on Ch. 7 VHF analog back 10 years ago. Biggest hunk of junk in the world. Four rack boxes that talked to each other over cables. Boxes would get out of sync with each other and resetting transmitter remotely from sine system was a nightmare. I would take my MX1000 analog Larcan any day over that Technalogix crap. Guess Technalogix can quickly hire up the engineers from Larcan and learn to make a good transmitter. Maybe their stuff changed after that old unit and are better now... but I wouldn't touch them...
Posted by: Anonymous
Thu, 07-17-2014 11:49 AM Report Comment
If Sumavision's email response is correct, I'll bet they plan on marketing Chinese built versions of some of the Larcan product line to North America directly from China. Good luck trying to do so without a North American based sales and service facility. I also agree with another writer that the Canadian government had more to do with Larcan's loss of business than the freeze in the US market. Obviously Nautel is doing okay since the bulk of their products are FM & AM and they sell globally. Their new DTV line will be a small addition to their market base.
Posted by: Anonymous
Thu, 07-17-2014 11:59 AM Report Comment
There's another transmitter manufacturer in Canada-UBS/Axcera which was derived from Axcera in Pennsylvania. It's my understanding all that's left in PA is service for which we Axcera owners are happy about, but at much higher costs to us than before the reorg. Manufacturing is in Canada (items not outsourced overseas). Their TV transmitter sales have been deathly slow too, but there are other other industries they manufacturer for.
Posted by: Anonymous
Fri, 07-18-2014 01:32 PM Report Comment
Maybe whoever owns Sumavision shut THEM down after their email. Kinda like Baghdad Bob saying "no bombs here" in 2003.
Posted by: Anonymous
Mon, 08-04-2014 12:13 PM Report Comment
We have approximately 35 Larcan/TTC LPTV transmitters currently in service within our network, luckily we had 3 spare units (the greatest part of TTC was that the units where broadband amplifiers good over the entire UHF spectrum). We had one two amplifiers in for repairs at the Lafayette CO facility. I just installed the last spare unit and have a blown output device on my retrieved unit. What do I do now? Mother Nature has been rough on the equipment this year (lightning). How are we to get back the units that were in for repairs? This was a dirty pool situation similar to MRC's (now Vislink) acquisition and shutdown of all the other Microwave manufaturers but for Nucomm.
Posted by: Anonymous
Mon, 01-26-2015 02:00 PM Report Comment
For all of those that are looking for inventory (or even equipment from Larcan) there is going to be a public auction held for the Canadian assets on Wednesday February 18th, 2015 - www.danburysales.com I have also been informed that it looks like a new company will be picking up the IP and offering service for units on a go forward basis.

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