OmniBus Opens New Testing and Support Facility in Denver

August 10, 2007
OmniBus Systems has established a new support and quality assurance center in Denver. The broadcast automation company said this week its new facility has been set up to focus on quality assurance, IT-for-TV and mobile TV development, including the OmniBus iTX.

Technical support for the Americas will be centered at the OmniBus Denver facility. To support the continued expansion of the iTX-installed base, key iTX customer sites will be replicated at the Denver facility for rapid and comprehensive diagnostics and advice. The Denver-based group will also undertake a quality assurance and testing program for the complete OmniBus product line, and initiate a dedicated testing program for mobile TV applications.

“We’ve set up this new facility in response to the momentum created by the adoption of iTX by a wide range of broadcasters and media organizations,” said Mike Oldham, CEO of OmniBus Systems. “We have ambitious plans to grow the staff and technical capability at this facility as a result of the rapid growth of our business in North America.”

iTX is a next-generation software-based broadcast production and transmission solution that uses standard IT hardware and advanced software technology. The system builds on OmniBus Systems’ automation expertise to deliver automation, ingest, editing and content management and act as a video server, master controller, graphics device and logo inserter.

OmniBus is a global company with headquarters in the United Kingdom and offices in the United States, Germany and Singapore.

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