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Zaxcom's QRX100 receiver provide four-channel audio support in a single, lightweight Package

April 17, 2009

Zaxcom has introduced a new concept in professional audio technology with the QRX100 four-channel RF audio receiver. The QRX100 will receive four channels of audio from up to two Zaxcom stereo or mono digital transmitters, allowing ENG audio professionals to leverage the full capabilities of today's four-channel cameras. By bundling an optional time code receiver and IFB transmitter in a single, lightweight package, the QRX100 will offer the added benefit of reducing broadcasters' equipment costs, RF bandwidth requirements and power demands.

Replicating the capabilities of the QRX100 would require mounting up to four receivers, a sync generator and an IFB transmitter to the camera, all of which increase the cost and physical weight of supporting four audio channels. The QRX100 system will make it easy for broadcasters to take advantage of all four channels on-the-go, without prohibitive power requirements.

With an industry-standard mounting kit, the QRX100 will integrate quickly and easily with any broadcast camera. The QRX100 will receive two separate transmitter signals on two separate frequencies simultaneously — providing flexibility and ease-of-use in a broadcast ENG receiver. The unit will receive one to four channels of 100 percent digital audio and will output the channels in both analog and AES digital formats. Digital modulation of the audio signals will remove concerns of the interference that would typically add distortion to an analog-based ENG system.

The QRX100 will operate in frequency blocks between 512MHz and 860MHz with a digital sampling rate of 32-196KHz. Weighing just 6oz, the QRX100 features a compact profile of 3.230in X 1.25in X 5in. The system will require a voltage range of 6-18VDC and a power consumption of 200mA at 12V. Multicamera serial remote control is supported with RS-422 and RS-485 ports.

With the addition of the QTX50 2.4GB IFB return option, the QRX100 is equipped to send a mono return channel to Zaxcom's TRX900, TRX900AA and TRX992 wireless microphone systems. The QTX50 option will additionally allow each receiver to control RF frequency and audio level. Adding the QSYNC50 option to the QRX100 will ensure subframe locking of multiple video cameras with an integrated video- and time code-referenced sync generator. The QSYNC50 will even control the record/stop function of each camera remotely.

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