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Wohler adds new features to audio monitors

February 1, 2010

Wohler Technologies has announced enhancements to its AMP1-16-3G and AMP2-16 series 16-channel audio monitors. Improvements include better access to audio levels and settings, added live mixing capabilities for the AMP2-16 series and more powerful monitoring and control functions.

With available redundant power supplies and new Free Mix mode, the AMP2-16 series is now transmission-chain ready. When equipped with AES or analog output cards, the AMP2-16 series Free Mix mode supports mixing and outputting of any combination of channels.

Through a configuration menu, users can control levels, mix multiple input channels to multiple output channels and set front-panel control options. These mixes can be performed independently of the audio monitoring function, while the AMP2-16 series audio monitoring and level metering functions can be used to monitor the result of the mix.

The Channel Trim control can be used to adjust the output level of each source into the output channels. The new hot keys provide the ability to instantly access and control the output mix levels of any set of AES or analog output channels. AES and analog output channels can now be assigned as sources in the Monitor menu, giving the operator the ability to monitor selected mixed or level-adjusted outputs visually and audibly along with selected input channels. When individual channels are soloed, users now can listen to them in the left or right speaker as assigned, or automatically in both speakers.

The AMP1-16-3G and AMP1-E16-3G audio monitors offer 16-channel multirate 3Gb/s/HD/SD-SDI and AES audio monitoring, the latter with Dolby E and Dolby D support. A new option within the Dolby menu allows AMP1-E16-3G users to enable audio for Dolby E only or for Dolby Digital only, or switch automatically to pulse code modulation (PCM) if no Dolby bit stream is present.

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