Sony goes small

December 6, 2005

Sony’s new UTX-P1 UHF Plug-On Transmitter and wireless receiver
Sony has announced the availability of several new audio products.

The products include the UTX-P1 UHF plug-on transmitter, the UWP-C3 UHF wireless microphone kit, and the F-112 dynamic interview microphone.

The UTX-P1 UHF plug-on transmitter uses the same UHF technology as the older UWP components. It features a standard XLR connector, AA battery operation and can be used with any dynamic microphone. A pilot tone squelch system and bright LCD display are also features and power output is 50mW offering stable, long-distance transmission for up to six hours. Also available is the UWP-C3 UHF wireless microphone pack and F-112 dynamic interview microphone.

The PCM-D1, a handheld stereo digital recorder, comes with 4GB of Flash memory. Recording time can be increased further with an optional memory stick. The PCM-D1 has a built-in stereo mic, analog mic, and line inputs and line outputs, and a USB 2.0 port. Maximum recording resolution is at 24-bit, 96kHz. The unit can record uncompressed or compressed audio.

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