QSC WideLine-8 array offers big sound in small size

August 10, 2007

The new WideLine-8 line array system from QSC is designed to offer full-range audio in the smallest possible speaker size. This line array system, which includes the full-range WL3082 and WL212-sw subwoofer, offers 140-degree horizontal coverage and an integrated rigging system that handles arrays of up to 12 boxes. The design goal was to accommodate trim height restrictions and video sightlines with a full-range, high-output system.

The tri-amped WL3082 measures less than 20in by 9in and has an operable range of 68Hz-20kHz. Drivers include two high-powered, 8in drivers with neodymium magnets, one of which extends into the midrange to insure that horizontal dispersion control is maintained at the crossover point. High frequencies come from a 3in neodymium compression driver coupled to the company’s 140-degree multiple aperture diffraction waveguide. Extending nearly to the top and bottom of the enclosure, the waveguide exit creates a continuous acoustical source with minimal discontinuities between adjacent elements.

The WideLine-8 subwoofer element, the WL212-sw, extends the system’s low-end output down to 32Hz, belying a 15in profile that lets it fit into tight spaces. Two long-excursion 12in woofers with 4in voice coils produce a 135.4dB peak SPL with a sensitivity of 99dB and 1100W of continuous power. Employing a fourth-order bandpass design, the sub matches the width of the WL3082, allowing it to be flown in-line with or behind a WideLine-8 array

Every WideLine-8 enclosure is constructed from Baltic Birch plywood finished with an eco-friendly, waterborne polymer with aluminum suspension fittings. A straightforward four-point suspension system with quick-release pins, combined with the lightweight and modest component size, enables a complete array to be deployed by a single person.

For more information, visit www.qscaudio.com.

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