06/25/2013, 11:21AM
For 3DTV, The Next Shoe Has Dropped
It would seem that the combination of ESPN’s 3D channel and FIFA’s reluctance to expend the time, money and effort when sponsorship is down, could be the gimmicky technology’s death knell.
The farce over the collapse and later reinstatement of Greek state broadcaster ERT could have major geopolitical ramifications far greater than anyone initially anticipated.
  06/21/2013, 01:16PM
Is ‘BNG’ in your future?
Word of a Google-sponsored trial of high-altitude balloons to bring wireless Internet service to a sizable, remote area in New Zealand may raise interesting possibilities for newsgathering.
Are there clues here about whether or not the incentive auction and repack will be a success? Only an expert tea leaf reader would know for sure. But the announcement that Sinclair is acquiring Dielectric from SPX Corp. certainly seems to offer a few hints, and some things worth considering.
  06/18/2013, 09:09AM
A history of broadcast television
For readers interested in TV history, especially those who’ve ‘lived it’, the website ars Technica has a wonderful series on the history of our television industry.
As much as we look at the next wave of streaming television and point to devices such as Apple TV and Roku, the real battle will take place on consoles. Streaming box sales pale in comparison to the millions who will purchase an Xbox One and/or PS4 this coming fall. The current number one device that people use to stream Netflix is actually the PS3, so scoping out the console landscape can reveal details on what streaming TV will look like in 2014. It may be too early to pick a winner...or is it? Let’s take a look.
Several news outlets including Bloomberg are reporting this week that Time Warner Cable is aligning content incentives that are designed to keep programming on its services and prevent programming from appearing on competing web-based entertainment services such as those from Apple, Google and Roku. Time Warner has hundreds of contracts in place with as many providers, which favor keeping shows on TWC. But how can broadcast networks ready themselves for a future of streaming TV devices?
Viacom has just launched a new on-demand app for MTV that is available for iOS, including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Fans can now catch up on full episodes of Teen Mom, Awkward, Teen Wolf and many others directly from inside the app. Content from Ridiculousness, Real World, Nikki and Sara, Catfish and others will include sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, after the show features, bonus clips and new original content. But does anything seem to be missing?
  06/17/2013, 06:54AM
New Mac Pro, form or function?
Apple finally announces the Mac Pro replacement with a radical new design. Is it fit for purpose as a high-end workstation or will broadcast professionals turn to alternatives?
  06/14/2013, 01:28PM
Big data can give power back to pay TV
One innocuous job advert caught my eye recently as a highlight of a big trend in broadcasting and pay TV.

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