05/28/2013, 09:44AM
When technology gets In the way
If technology gets in the way of the action, it won’t be used and that’s bad for everyone involved.
He was 81 years old and, after 58 years, worked right up until last month.
  05/24/2013, 10:47AM
Why some Telcos are going OTT only
The conventional wisdom is that while OTT is fine for TV Everywhere service extensions, core pay-TV will continue to be delivered over dedicated walled garden networks.


Red faces at the BBC as John Linwood, the BBC's chief technology officer, is suspended following the scrapping of their in-house project to develop a file-based production platform. 

The project had a troubled history, being handed on a plate to Siemens, their technology outsourcing provider. In 2009 the BBC took control of a project going nowhere and brought it back in house. Since then, government auditors investigated and found many shortcomings in the way the project was operated.

  05/21/2013, 04:19PM
Seagate releases 4TB video hard drive

Seagate just announced the new Seagate Video 3.5 HDD— the industry’s first 4TB, 3.5-inch hard disk drive engineered specifically for use in video applications such as digital video recorders (DVRs), set-top boxes (STBs), and surveillance systems. Purpose-built for video solutions, the Video 3.5 HDD can store up to 480 hours of high-definition (HD) content making it the industry’s highest-capacity drive designed specifically for video.

ABC is starting to see the bigger picture of capturing audience engagement as it pertains to online TV. Nielsen is breaking out into new areas as well with its Digital Program Ratings, a system designed to track ratings from networks such as NBC, FOX, CBS, Univision, A&E, Discovery Channel and others. ABC is now onboard with this new ratings system and its worth considering to see where this all goes.
Although lately most of the mobile TV news has been via Amazon launching new pilots for upcoming shows and Netflix streaming hit shows such as "House of Cards," there is one up-and-coming player that is not on many people's radar right now: Yahoo. Did you know Yahoo has a fall lineup? And that the network, I mean website, is lining up additional original video content that will debut this later this year? Yahoo is certainly making a huge step, but it's time to figure out what its master plan is going to be.
One unexpected consequence of the mobile revolution is a renewed interest in headphone technology, with broadcasters, rather than producers or mobile operators, taking the lead.
This is a big win for mobile TV consortium Dyle and mobile device accessory manufacturer Belkin, this week coming out of the gates with a new mobile TV solution for Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Depending on your area, you can watch unlimited free TV for as long as you want, right on your mobile device.
For years we in the press have been describing anything that is viewed away from the living room television as “the second screen.” Not anymore.

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Making a Scene in London
Holly Ashford of TVB Europe

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